Sugar Love – Sugar Baby Love Story

Sugar love is a perfect love with money. Below have 7 love stories from You also could have a better love if you do it.

sugar home
Romantic in home
Sometimes no need to go anywhere, we can sweet in home when watching TV, love is simple.
sugar young brother
I got a sugar young brother!
Not all the male members older than me, this time I got a young man, he is innocent and pure. I love him very much.
sugar baby married
I got married
I belive that, he is my true love. And I no need to worry my life.
sugar wish
This is my dream
I want to go theme park every day, because this place is happy, he realized my wish. Our target is go to all theme park in the world!
I like the sea!
I havn’t thought that I have a yacht! After visit millionbb, my new boyfriend has a yacht and let me visit the sea when I want.
sugar baby no boundaries and nationality
No nationality and geographical boundaries
I found my true love in other place by millionbb
He is a good father.
I don’t worry about our children, because I know that my husband would give them the best education.

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