Sugar Baby Rules

  • You should make your client happy, it’s better to search where can play and where have a tasty food.
  • Sex is not equal to happy, and prostitution is illegal in most of country. If you really want to have sex with your client, then don’t receive his money. If you haven’t receive his money after/before sex, then it’s not prostitution. Or you marry him.
  • Sex is cheap, can pay it with few money in south asia. You are not sex worker, You should pay attention to spiritual communication, not physical communication.
  • Don’t just go to a stranger’s car, it is very dangerous, please meet in public. Otherwise you sure he is a nice guy.
  • The wages should be received after the dinner.
  • It’s better to go to the website which has complaint and communication system, like . Which can avoid a bad man and ban the bad man account.
  • If you not always online, it’s better to use, which can set rich man get your contact directly.

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