Month: February 2019

sugar baby profile

sugar baby profile – a romantic journey is waiting you.

sugar babies profile for reference, from . The age is around 18 years old -32 years old. with different height, different hobbies. age: 23 height: 175cm I like shopping Get contact Directly age: 18 height: 158cm I like travel Get contact Directly age: 32 height: 162cm My hobby is riding Get contact Directly age: […]

sugar baby dressing

sugar babies clothing reviews

To be a sugar baby, you should young and pretty, don’t dress too old. White and light color is better choice. Don’t Mix Too Many Colors Or Prints Or Both. Pay Attention To The Details. Listen up people heading to work or college – this is your best bet.

sugar baby rules

Sugar Baby Rules

You should make your client happy, it’s better to search where can play and where have a tasty food. Sex is not equal to happy, and prostitution is illegal in most of country. If you really want to have sex with your client, then don’t receive his money. If you haven’t receive his money after/before […]

Sugar Love – Sugar Baby Love Story

Sugar love is a perfect love with money. Below have 7 love stories from You also could have a better love if you do it.

how to be a sugar baby online

First of all, “your face your fate”. Thats mean your face could not bad.Secondly, you should young. Major of men like the young girls.Thirdly, always smile. They are looking for you to be happy, so your smile has a warm for them. They find you is for happy, not for sex. Sex is not equal to […]

All about sugar baby

What is Sugar Baby? Sugarbaby is an emerging career after 2010. They have flexible working hours, high hourly wages, and the nature of their work is to play, travel, have dinner in high class restaruant and care for the client. Just like the princess in a fairy tale. Why have Sugar Baby? Many of the […]